Tuesday, August 16, 2011

blogger inspiration

How is this for some inspiration? I'm so speechless! Talk about being fearless and in style.

via Atlantic-Pacific: r.e.d.

A few things: How hard was it to match those items? And how many people did a double take while walking down the street? This is so fabulous. By the way, I love blondes. I think I wish for blonde hair every day. I probably won't try to recreate this look. But it's without a doubt my favorite outfit I've seen in a long, long time! Scroll down for my outfit post that's definitely not as eye captivating as this one, but how could it be!?



  1. I love this outfit, and that blog is so cute like you!


  2. She's also one of my favorite bloggers....Blair Eadie! You are doing a fantastic job with your blog and one day it will be just as fabulous as Atlantic Pacific! And...I'll get to say! I remember when Courtney first started, "I can be many things!" :D One post at a time, and that leopard dress is just fab :)

  3. wow, for sure id do a triple take! cute blog :) and don't wish you were a blonde..your hair is beautiful!

  4. she's beautiful, wish i could pull off a look like this!


  5. amazinggggg!!!




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