Monday, June 20, 2011

brown and salmon!

Goal results: Stress free day! I didn't stress at my lesson or at work. I didn't stress over supper. We had taco nachos! Nachos with ground beef with taco sauce, tomatoes, cheese and onions... Broiled in the oven... Then topped with hot sauce and lettuce... Mmmmmm! Improved when we couldn't find any taco shells! Excellent!

Today's outfit! I'm sorry I still haven't gotten around to setting up the new camera! ...but I didn't stress about it ;)

It was POURING rain when I was coming in to work tonight. My hair can attest to that.
I had an unexpected break so I got a chance to snap a few quick pictures.

I love love love these lace up heels.

Outfit details:
Blazer - Bluenotes
Off the shoulder burn out top - Forever 21
Distressed Jeans - Garage
Scalloped Lace-Up Heels - Forever 21
Earrings - Forever 21
Necklace - Dynamite
Tote bag - OLD American Eagle (The only thing that carries my work supplies)

Gift from a student tonight! How sweet. What a cute box of chocolates...
I love the double sided ribbon. I might try this when it comes time for wrapping gifts Christmas time!

Tomorrow's goal: Memorize at least one of my songs. Recital is SUNDAY!

Hope your Monday was good... Monday's actually one of my favorite days of the week!


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