Wednesday, October 17, 2012

i won't give up

I recorded this a while ago, but I'm realizing that I haven't posted it here! How did this happen!

Anyway, Tim Matson (our wonderful director) has been taking pictures of the rehearsal process on his phone and posting them to Twitter so I want to share them and personally document my experience. I'm having the time of my life. Seriously.
Orderin' some burgers... y'know...
Dancing for HERO!
I find this picture hysterical. I look rotted. I swear, we like each other ;)
Being taught how to play solitaire by Mark (Rev Shaw)... yes, this happened...
There were tears involved (due to laughing, not crying)
Girl Gets Around - ZSM hitting some crazy lovely notes
Interrupting the McCormack family photo time...
Simon (Willard), myself (Ariel) and Philip (Ren)
Thank you to Tim for documenting this experience for me! We have the most wonderful cast. Rehearsals are so, so fun. I am on cloud nine. Pst, for my fashion friends... I was super excited when I got my new mustard cardigan... I was looking everywhere for one with a specific color in mind and I found it at Joe Fresh. That place never ever disappoints me! I also found two trapeze cardigans there today which I'll have to post soon. Mark (who plays Rev Shaw/my dad in the play) gave me a lovely compliment about my photography that made me miss my hobby so maybe I'll let it inspire me to snap some photos if I ever get a chance.


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