Monday, May 21, 2012


Hello! Bare legs probably won't happen until July for me. Nevertheless, here are a handful of outfits: I only just noticed I'm wearing the same tights in all three outfits so... suffice it to say, Newfoundlander's don't really enjoy a proper Spring. We are just happy to wear a JACKET instead of a PARKA and be able to wear tights without freezing! Excitement!

Outfit 1: F21 tights & necklace, Spotted Moth dress (altered), La Posh Style boots, Urban Planet jean jacket, Spring purse
Outfit 2: F21 tights, swapped pink scarf, Gap sweater, F21 skirt (I love the texture of this outfit)
Outfit 3: F21 tights & sweater & highwaisted shorts
Outfit 4 (on my little one): Gap ruffle tulle skirt, Children's Place top, Old Navy tights! Debuting her very first pigtails ever!
I hope you are having a wonderful long weekend! Enjoy the holiday! I am looking forward to breaking out my baby (my camera) and playing a lot this summer. I shot my sister's Graduation and haven't gotten around to the editing yet (shame) but when I do I'll post a few just to show you how beautiful she looked. We both wore the same Prom dress so it was a little emotional for me. I'm pretty sure when I get married I'll want to wear it again. It was the perfect dress. Oh, also, thanks to Kel for taking the pictures of me at the waterfront! As I type this, my daughter is trying to mash my keyboard and is asking me to cuddle and I can't say no to that so I'll catch up soon. Thank you for keeping in touch with me! I'm always around on Twitter so make sure to come say hello!

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