Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I hope you enjoyed Megan's post yesterday! She is the sweetest. And funny as hell. If you don't have her on your reading list, then you should put her there right now! Check back Thursday for Anita of Kultur und Stil!

This is Stronger by Kelly Clarkson as promised!

My go to Spring style... a little grey dress from Forever 21 that I love to wear. Or any type of little jersey dress. Here's the rest of the outfit (worn 2 ways):
1, to work, with a Forever 21 shirt & blazer and my black sexy boots and
2, casually with a Forever 21 shirt & Gap jean jacket, random amazing scarf, and La Posh Style boots to take my little one out for some Mommy-Daughter bonding time.

What's your favorite? I prefer the casual look (if you ask me though, I will say that, always). I wear this little dress in the summer all of the time--it gets a lot of wear.

Also, I'm super jealous of all the other bloggers out there showing off their bare legs. But for me, here in Newfoundland--a jean jacket reminds me of Spring ;) ...just warm enough not to have to wear a chunky coat! (ps, I was still freezing!)


hope you're having a great week...

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