Monday, December 19, 2011

feeling festive

Here I am, trying my best to succeed at my goals for the month, singing a Christmas song! Happy Xmas War Is Over by John Lennon.

I warn you, it gets a little loud/distorted during the chorus.

Everyone done their Christmas shopping? Have a good weekend? I've been avoiding all forms of shopping centers... Christmas crowds aren't my thing!
Answer/Keep in touch with me on Twitter!

PS. I only decided to sing this after spending a LOVELY afternoon with my Dad, decorating the Christmas tree and serenading him with carols. It wasn't that romantic. We eventually ditched the Christmas music to rock out to Adele and "Mr Know It All", haha! Fun--thanks Ricky (and Nanny) <3 I had to write about him and how much I love him because I sort of bribed him to read my blog and now he's expecting to see his name here every now and again ;)

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