Monday, November 21, 2011

feel good day


outfit details: Joe Fresh shirt, F21 jeans, Seyschelles Platinum boots, F21 bangles & necklace

This shirt is a work of art. Who wouldn't have an awesome day in this?

I'm thinking about doing the 30x30 this Winter just before Christmas. Since I tried to do it before and failed (not miserably, but none the less, still failed) I know now what went wrong. The items I pick need to be versatile, easy to clean and comfortable. Oh, and I need to include more shoes this time. My friend Unremittingly Kel may do the challenge with me for some moral support. It should be good for me. Anyone feel as if their husbands live in a 30x30? I swear, Jeff only wears his favorite 20 shirts, 5 hoodies and 5 pairs of jeans and then wash. The rest just sit. And sit! Too funny. You have to be comfortable--there's nothing wrong with it!

I've been writing posts for Christmas. Is that weird?
Have a happy Monday everyone,

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