Monday, November 7, 2011



We did a lot of shopping on the trip--mostly for Christmas. The crew consisted of mine and Jeff's mother, my sister, Jeff, the baby and I--and I know what you're thinking... poor Jeff. Naw, he had fun. And so did I. In DKNY. I fell in love with this leopard t-shirt dress. But I could not justify spending $100 dollars on something that may have a not-as-nice-but-acceptable-look-alike appear on F21 for $15 this summer. No matter how much I loved it, I walked away and joined the crew in Aeropostale, patiently waiting to go to the J Crew Outlet. I watched the little girl while the girls and Jeff were shopping. She had so much fun walking up and down outside of the outlets saying hello to every person passing her. It was hilarious. She doesn't need much entertainment.

Jeff took her back to the house to go swimming and my sister and I had a few hours to shop. I brought her in and showed her the dress and she agreed it was nice but told me I couldn't buy it--I only had $300 and she told me it would be dumb to spend $100 on one dress. I was happy she convinced me not to buy it because I found my jacket and a gorgeous cobalt blue trench at Wilson's Leather Outlet that day...

...then Jeff and I went back to the outlet malls and DKNY had a sale... and I got the dress for 50% off... and there was only two left :)
...and I can wear them together happily ever after.
Outfit details:
DKNY chiffon dress
leather jacket bought at Wilson's Leather Outlet
shoes bought at Ross

Okay so maybe I can't wear them until after Christmas. But I can take photos and show you. Merry Christmas to me!

What I'm Listening To: Piano Pop Covers by this little guy, Yoonha85TV; only the most relaxing thing to listen to while writing blog posts.
He cover's Britney Spears' Hold It Against Me--wait, I know what you're thinking! But there's such a hauntingly-beautiful melancholy melody, makes me want to cry! An excellent suspense/climax... borderline creepy... He has some great stuff!

I'll be posting my holiday party attire Wednesday so come see!


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