Saturday, October 1, 2011

polka dots

ootd3 10/01/11

ootd2 10/01/11
ootd 10/01/11
Outfit details: Armani watch, Sparkles of Hope bracelet, Spring heels, F21 everything else
I don't have a misfit for you today (but I have one for you next post--so check back because I will need your help). I've worn both this shirt and skirt before, but if it makes a difference, only probably once each. This, I think, has to change. This skirt is hiked all the way up to my boobs--it's fantastically long, meaning, versatile, and can be worn any which way. This shirt however is weird. It can't be belted, so you have to be able to rock the paper bag princess look. When it's belted it bunches in all the most unflattering places. That's one of the reasons I never wear this tank top but to my surprise, I got complimented on it like three times. Yay!

These shoes are the most worn in my closet at the moment--but they've got a brown mark on them! oh no! I don't know how to mend them either. They've also accumulated some scratches, but I've heard I can heat them and massage the softened plastic and reshape. Um, cool? Anyone does this before?

 It was freakishly warm today. My hair turned frizzy, my face melted and I was sweating all day long. Grossest feeling ever.

I'm having a good-yet-horrible day. 'Care to hear me elaborate? Yes, why, yes, I'd love to...

I'm going to share the bad news first: I'm spending the night baby-free! This is going to take some getting used to. She is spending the night with her father. I called her to say goodnight and managed to get a "Hi Mommy" and a "Goodnight" and then I sort-of cried after I got off the phone with her. Maybe like three sparkling tears. It wasn't a big deal. But I react oddly to pain in any form. It usually explodes in a firework of emotion when I least want it to surface... but hey. That's just how I roll. The good news is she seemed to have a really good day and apparently went to sleep fine. That's what they tell me. It's my job to trust and believe it. (Sometimes I am not good at said job. Maybe it's my horrible case of Mommy worry)

The good news today...
Yesterday, the guy at Staples gave me a free USB cord. He tried to help me find ink (failed) then he told me (to my horror) that the kind of USB cord I needed was ridiculously hard to find--but he managed to have one... and then he gave it to me. And told me it helped to carry around a cute youngster. Hurrah!
The guy at Starbucks gave me a free Non-fat No whip pumpkin spice latte with no sprinkles for free... and it was a venti! Hello! How amazing! And he was from New York! I asked him what the hell he was doing in Newfoundland if he was from New York and he said since he came here, that has been his #1 most asked question! Haha. Apparently he is doing his PHD in Folklore and this is one of the only two places that offer it? Awesome. I wasn't carrying a cute baby this time. Uh oh. Don't worry, Jeff. You're still my one and only and he didn't ask me out on a date or anything :) On a different note, I find being in Starbucks the most relaxed I've been in so long... I love crowded white noise. It helps me concentrate. Go figure.

Now... Criminal Minds? Ped notes? Writing my next post? Here I come...


PS. Look at this scarf belt! Made to look like an obi belt. Check out Kileen's (from cute and little) styling of it, and the tutorial on Clothed Much here. Um, have fun! I know I will when I try this!

PPS. Go over to this time is a charm and see the best engagement video ever... Seriously... hint Jeff... haha!

PPPS. Look at the comment my mother left me on the previous post. Enough to make me cry? Yes!
Sometimes I think we have our roles reversed. I often wonder if I have done enough in my role as a parent, and if there were things I could have done better. Those negative thoughts that you just mentioned and always questioning yourself as a parent wanting to get it right the first time because we can only deal the cards once. Once they are played we can't go back. Reading this you inspire me. I look at you and I see such a beautiful person, inside and out. You not only can be many things, you are many things, an amazing mother, sister, friend, and daughter. And then I think, I must have done something right.
Your # 1 fan

Of course you did, Mom--you're amazing. Love you so much!

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