Saturday, October 22, 2011

petite femme jolie

Here's another guest post for you; the lovely Sam! Enjoy! Sorry I was late today--internet problems. Tsk tsk. In case you missed my last post, see here. Love, Courtney.

Hello! Sam here from Petite Femme Jolie! I am extremely, extremely excited to be guest blogging for Courtney today. I love this girl! I fell in love with her blog over the past few months and am insanely hooked like you wouldn't believe! Thanks again, Court, for letting me guest post on your fantabulous blog!

Meet me, Sam, and boyfriend Ryan!

I recently took a mini-vacation to California this past weekend. I absolutely LOVE it there! The weather, the people, the atmosphere, the food, the diversity... everything! I met quite a few interesting folks while there. I know every place has some "weirdos", but, LA may have an over-abundance of these characters. No hate, they actually made my vacation even more entertaining! So thank you, man-with-the-40-chains hanging from your neck and talking to yourself, and to the lady with the see-through pants, singing "RESPECT" down Hollywood Blvd... You rock!

My main goal was to, sadly, see as many celebrities as humanely possible in four days. I can't say I was unsuccessful, but I wasn't overly impressed with how it turned out. I met Harvey from TMZ / The People's Court in LA on Saturday - PLUG! I'll be on The People's Court November 16th, be sure to watch me make a fool out of myself! I was so nervous that the only words I could gather to say was "Ummmm, no." I........... am awesome. I don't think that short phrase will help me with my claim to fame. The second (and last) celebrity I saw was Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy. I had a very awkward moment when I saw him, and just stared at him - mouth open, didn't say a word. Can I be any more tourist-y? I think not.

A few things I noticed while visiting CA that are much different from things here in good ol' Wisconsin:

1. At clubs, people dance in this imaginary box, and don't move out of that little space the entire time. It's "not cool"...
In Wisco, we like to get down a bit more. I'll teach YOU how to Dougie!

2. No ones in LA uses blinkers. I realize I made that a generalized statement, and there are probably some of you LA'ers that DO, indeed, use your blinkers while driving... but I didn't see any of you. Not ONE!

3. There are a lot more Creepy Mc'Creepersons... Can you tell from all our faces that we just want this guy outta here?!

4. It's way more fun to eat steak skewers in Hollywood, than it is in Madison, WI. Every meal is presented so nicely, with picturesque parsley leaves - just for looks! In Wisconsin, we slab on some extra butter or cheese and think, 'Ooh - you fancy!'

5. There are no public benches in LA that are NOT made into 3 separate seats. I heard they do this so that homeless people can't sleep on them. That's not nice!

Any way, vacation-time is over and it's time to hit up the real world again. Work + school + homework + studying + paying bills is not my favorite, but that, my friends, is what we adults must do! Hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week, and an even better weekend!

Now, what makes me smile? So many things... here are my top 10!

1. Blogging
2. Crafting (DIY thangs)
3. Fashion - Especially Fall Fashion
4. Baking Cupcakes
5. My Future Career - Nursing
6. Pumpkin Patches + Apple Orchards
7. Traveling
8. Anything & Everything California-Related
9. Singing 90s Jams In My Car (Hi NSYNC!)
10. Canoodling With Celebs 

{Unfortunately, my #10 does not happen as often as i'd like.}

Don't forget to visit me over at Petite Femme Jolie!!

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