Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hey guys! Liv here from Brooklyn.Life.Style. I'm so excited to be guest blogging while Courtney is away. I Can Be Many Things is one of my favorite blogs, mostly because Courtney covers diverse such interesting topics and always brings a positive outlook (and her various poses are amazing!). For my guest post I'm featuring outfit photos taken at various locations around Brooklyn (my blog is all about affordable living and styling in BK). Courtney has mentioned to me that she loves New York City, so I'm trying to woo her to Brooklyn the next time she visits :)
Brooklyn Academy of Music

You find street art all over Brooklyn and grafiti backdrops are a personal fave.

Trespassing at a School Yard (anything for a good photo)

Williamsburg, Street Art

Under the IRT Elevated Train Line
What makes me smile?
Lots of things make me smile so I came up with a top 5 list (I love lists):
1. Falling in love with an item, purchasing it, and finding out at the cash register that it is marked down from the original price- I am very lucky with this (shoes at Urban Outfiitters and a necklace at Express have been the most recent surprise bargains)
2. Red Velvet Cake from Cake Man Raven (famous Brooklyn Bakery- its a must have!)
3. My new iphone 4s- I am so excited to finally have a replacement for my ipod touch (it was stolen from my office months ago and that did NOT make me smile, I love my music).
4. Meeting new blog friends- Hi Guys! (Seriously blogging has been such a positive and inspiring experience)
5. Being blessed with incredible friends and family (and my sweetheart!).

Hope you guys enjoyed my post and if you'd like to keep in touch be sure to visit me at Brooklyn.Life.Style. and leave me the link to your blogs!


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