Sunday, September 18, 2011

hot pink jeans

Outfit details:
Pink jeans - Forever 21
Black tank top - Garage
Nude shoes - Spring
Armani watch
Forever 21 jewelry
Moto jacket - borrowed from Maegan (I'll be on the hunt for one in Florida)

Although I'm really excited to be back, I needed a break. I may stop trying to post every day and aim to post every second day. It was easy to post during the summer months. Not so much in the fall! I've got lots of plans. I'm learning vocal pedagogy and taking voice lessons. I'm teaching voice lessons, Kindermusik and a Musical Theatre class. All exciting. As Kendi would say, all of these things require me getting dressed so I don't have to go anywhere. I have plans to bring the blog back towards helping myself think positively as well. That aspect of the blog is important to me.

If you've been following me for any time at all you may have heard all my concern for needing pink pants. (Perhaps they were a want, not a need.) However... Here they are! Forever 21 hot pink jeans. Initially I wanted a lighter color, but I've decided these are perfect for fall. I've remixed them already so I'll post that this week. I pretty much wore them non stop. I love them. They fit when I put them on (a bit big in the waist--nothing a belt won't fix), however, they stretched a lot in the butt and thighs, sagging after two wears. At the moment they're in the dryer on a hot cycle. Fingers crossed.

I'm having an issue with flikr at the moment. My photos aren't uploading properly, so I'll show you more + the remix tomorrow. Off to traditional Newfoundland turkey dinner at MOMS! Yummmm. Can't ask for more!


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