Thursday, September 1, 2011

chunky metal


On with my 30 for 30 folks. This was the outfit of the day. A little metal edge to my floral dress (worn as a skirt) and a comfy basic scoop back tank. Embarrassingly enough, everything worn here is from Forever 21... sans bandeau (Urban Planet). I clearly need to shop somewhere else. Or at least, pick a variety of things next time I choose 30 items. I am really excited for Fall's remix. I can't wait to do the challenge with other bloggers. Though I know I have some really great followers now to my journey, I think it will be encouraging doing it at the same time with other bloggers. Motivating. Challenging. I loved wearing this maxi dress as a skirt, something I would never normally think of doing before blog reading and becoming totally inspired to try new things. Oh, and the countdown to my shopping trip is on... less than two months... I am ready to jump over the moon I am that excited.

Today if you were following me on Twitter you would have read that I spent the day with Jeff's family, seeing Mel off. It's her last day on the rock and tomorrow she will be heading back to school. We won't see her any more until April. That's a hell of a long time to be away from family. I come from a big warm loving family and I find it hard to imagine being away from them. I feel so blessed and lucky. I really loved spending time with Jeff's family, and having them cook for us (always a bonus)... We had fresh lobster. And spanish rice. And sushi. All delicious. Afterwards, I spent a lovely evening drinking wine and eating nachos with my dear friend Hilary who is home from Ottawa. Lots of calories today ;) More of me to love. I am not going to erase saying that, but I don't count calories and I never will and I am totally okay with treating myself once in a while, especially while living a healthy lifestyle. It's okay with me to enjoy the simple joys of life... like a huge plate of nachos. They are my weakness!


Once again, thank you everyone for the comments! It's so late tonight that I can't possibly start responding to comments, but that is on the to do list tomorrow, along with taking some more pictures. I'm really excited for Monday. I have a shoot (with the amazingly talented couple Alyssa and Alan)! *excited* I'm really nervous. (I'm starting to become attached to my tripod.)


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