Saturday, June 18, 2011

saturday's goal

Daily Goal: Practice singing and finish learning my duet song!

Funny enough, making small daily goals like this really helps me. I find it very difficult to be consistent and I'm finding the best way to do that is not to say "This month I need to get my shit together and practice way more than I did last month..." but to say instead "I'm going to find a time to practice every day. Even just for a few minutes." At least that way, it eliminates the stress of thinking too far ahead when I really don't need to. Truthfully, it isn't hard to find the time to do something that really matters to you. Not when it only takes a few minutes!

Last night I was trying to record a few of my own original songs to put up on the blog. I'm not going to lie... It was a bit of a task! I want my first one at least to give an accurate representation of me. I don't want it to be something I threw together. I will admit I'm rusty. It's been so long since I've sung my own material and practiced it. My fingers are slow now and they don't remember like they used to! After a few minutes it all came back and things were going fine, but by then I had beat myself out. I'll have to leave it for another day!

It's time to go to work now! I'm going to leave you with an outfit post that I put together a few months ago. Don't fret by the bad quality. I think it's fairly good considering it was taken on my iPhone!

I'm choosing this set of pictures because they inspired my color scheme for the blog. This is currently my absolute favorite color combination. I think it's beautiful. Just enough pop and contrast.

Happy Saturday,

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